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ESET Enterprise Inspector


Version 1.5.1492.0

  • Fixed: issues with exclusions
  • Fixed: issues with purge
  • Fixed: issues related to search
  • Due to the bug some rules were rewritten during the installation. It has been fixed and now following new rules will appear in the ruleset:
    - "Process communicating over potentially Suspicious Protocol - detected VNC communication"
    - "Process communicating over Suspicious Protocol - SMTP communication, unpopular process"
    - "File with extension used by Win32/Filecoder.Crysis has been written"
  • Update of the rule "Suspicious PowerShell script - Screen/Keystroke/Window Capture"

Version 1.5.1485.0

  • Added: Ability to work with rules via Public REST API (list, create, edit and delete)
  • Added: Ability to trigger Network Isolation via Rules (only for Windows endpoints)
  • Added: Support for full Unicode characters
  • Added: Ability to add multiple comments to Detection, Executables, Computers, and Processes
  • Added: Various performance improvements (e.g. faster search, purge, rules engine and others)
  • Fixed: Multiple issues related to internal server errors and exclusions
  • Added: Improved detection capability for advanced code injection methods
  • Added: Ability to invalidate trust attributes of compromised processes
  • Added: Information related to execution of files via shortcuts (LNK files)
  • Added: Visibility into file reading operations for specific scenarios (e.g. reading of passwords)
  • Added: Visibility into WMI Query behavior
  • Added: Information about named pipes (to detect e.g. Cobalt Strike)
  • Added: Visibility into MS Office VBA macros (if enabled in MS Office)
  • Added: Ability to detect suspicious protocols (e.g. TOR, VNC, and BitTorrent)

Version 1.4.1364

  • Added: macOS support - EI Agent now available also for macOS
  • Added: Public REST API - Detections can now be managed via API
  • Added: 2FA support for login into the EEI console (currently using out own ESET Secure Authentication 2FA solution)
  • Added: Tagging of Objects - users now have the option of creating custom tags and adding to various objects
  • Added: Events Load view and Event storage filter to be able to precisely see and select which event types should or should not be stored
  • Added: Alerts view to Computer details - to see system related information, such as ability to detect alive, but non-reporting clients
  • Added: Auto resolving of alarms/detections matched by an exclusion
  • Added: Visibility into WMI
  • Added: Visibility into scripts executed by PowerShell, CScript, WScript and MS Office for rule engine and investigation
  • Added: Credential dumping monitoring
  • Added: DNS requests monitoring
  • Added: SHA-256 and MD-5 hashes - additional hash value types can now be calculated
  • Added: Network Isolation of endpoints - ability to isolate endpoints from the rest of the network while keeping connection to management consoles intact
  • Added: Terminal (remote PowerShell interface)
  • Added: Possibility to block hashes automatically
  • Added: Necessary internal changes to be compatible with upcoming Windows OS builds to be released in H1 2021
  • Improved: New Filter Bar and Improved Filters
  • Improved: Various aspects of Search - Rename, Tooltip, Process search
  • Improved: Custom order of columns - columns in all table views can now easily be reordered by mouse dragging
  • Improved: OS aware Computer actions and menus - to see exactly which functionality is available for which endpoints based on OS type
  • Improved: User account monitoring
  • Improved: Performance and scaling

Version 1.3.1145.0

  • Fixed: Enterprise Inspector does not communicate with LiveGrid due to changes in communication protocol
  • Fixed: Enterprise Inspector service has to be started manually after restart of OS
  • Fixed: Wake up call does not work properly
  • Fixed: Not possible to install EI Server on MS SQL 2016

Version 1.3.1143.0

  • Fixed: Database cleanup process issue
  • Fixed: Fix for EI Agent crashing when sending events
  • Fixed: Fix for Database purge failing with "Duplicate entry" error
  • Fixed: Fix for EI Agent not sending data (and not reverting to direct connection to EI Server) if proxy is not available
  • Fixed: Fix LiveGrid connection status being reported incorrectly

Version 1.3.1128.0

  • Fixed: EI Agent works incorrectly in offline mode

Version 1.3.1124.X

  • Added: Support for MS SQL Server
  • Added: EI rules linked with MITRE ATT&CK technique database
  • Added: Ability to create and download SysInspector log
  • Added: Ability to search the Internet for a module hash
  • Added: Ability to support ancestors of the current process in rules
  • Added: Ability to Export and Import Exclusions
  • Added: Ability to detect (process in Rules) remote thread creation
  • Added: Link between DLL and loading process and the ability to specify loaded DLL to define exclusion
  • Added: Support for 64-bit server
  • Added: Ability to release disk space immediately when purge settings are changed
  • Added: Warning that additional space is needed when changing purge settings
  • Added: Ability to see new registry value for registry writes
  • Improved: Resolving alarms
  • Improved: Firewall integration by using data from NetProt
  • Improved: User experience improvements including better auditing and the ability to mark a module as inspected or add a comment to modules, alarms, etc.
  • Improved: Provided information in alarms view
  • Improved: Search functionality
  • Improved: Ability to sort alarms by quantity
  • Improved: EIAgent supports HTTP Proxy when connecting to EI Server
  • Improved: Performance improvements
  • Fixed: Minor functional and usability issues

Version 1.2.894.X

  • Added: Database upgrade requires disk space check
  • Improved: Script updates require less space
  • Fixed: Command line installer does not perform database configurations check
  • Fixed: Command line upgrade does not download Certification Authority (CA) from ESET Security Management Center (ESMC)
  • Fixed: Use of PBE Parser causes high CPU usage
  • Fixed: High frequency of CPU and memory usage checks result in high CPU usage
  • Fixed: Installation progress indicator hangs at 92%
  • Fixed: Upgrading to latest version of EEI hangs in case server is restarted

Version 1.2.892.X

  • Added: Support for MySQL 8
  • Added: Display for Process Integrity Level
  • Added: Option to export a table to CSV
  • Added: Path text filter in Aggregated Events
  • Changed: Rules match DLL events
  • Changed: Time filter with seconds granularity and ranges support
  • Improved: Clarity of instructions in installer with regard to certificate usage
  • Improved: It is possible to download also quarantined files from the EEI interface
  • Improved: Ability to create exclusions for the Parent process
  • Improved: Ransomware Shield detections are reported to EEI
  • Improved: More granular information about firewall alarms are displayed in EEI
  • Improved: Performance improvements
  • Fixed: Minor functional and usability issues


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