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ESET Remote Administrator Server



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  • Fixed: Remote client update task now supports .msi-installers with updated digital signatures and allows seamless client upgrade to version 5.0.2260.x and later.
  • Fixed: With any other than blank password for the administrator account, the User Manager will refuse to create new users.
  • Added: Updated copyright statement for all product components.


  • Added: New remote installation method (WMI) and streamlined export process for WSUS and GPO deployments.
  • Changed: Faster network scan thanks to configurable multi-threading.
  • Added: System tray notification on new and unmanaged computers linked to remote installation wizard.
  • Added: User friendly notification and temporary deactivation of firewall module for installation packages with applicable products.
  • Added: Clickable interface for component-based installation.
  • Added: Server allows relocation of installation package to local network share to save bandwidth in distant branches.
  • Added: Remote installation of custom packages can collect optional output and transfer it back to server.
  • Added: New server API extensions and command-line console including native 64-bit library variant.
  • Changed: API library is now easier to link with other than C/C++ based projects.
  • Added: Improved static and parametric group management.
  • Added: Optional server license pool control.
  • Added: Main console window allows hiding of any unused tab.
  • Added: Time-limited policies.
  • Added: Special handling for unexpected client duplicates and simplified deleting of locked clients.
  • Added: Multiple console custom views.


  • Fixed: Remote uninstallation procedure does not work for ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Mac OS X 4.1.97 and later
  • Fixed: The OS X remote installation progress monitor will not continue to update if the target computer reboot option is chosen to run after the installation
  • Fixed (JPN only): Using ERA Maintenance Tool to edit server configuration corrupts the configuration xml
  • Fixed (FRA only): Parameter evaluation in dynamic groups and policy rules ignores the "Last connection older than"-condition
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