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ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication





  • Added: ASP.NET Membership Database users support in SharePoint
  • Improved: Elasticsearch connectivity
  • Improved: RADIUS support for custom attributes containing multiple values e.g. memberOf
  • Improved: MacOS authentication using PAM and related documentation
  • Improved: RADIUS PAP password now supports UTF-8
  • Improved: Windows login FIDO authentication
  • Improved: ESET MSP Administrator now explicitly mentioned
  • Improved: Dozens of other performance, usability and security improvements
  • Fixed: AD FS problems when AD language is different than ENU
  • Fixed: E-mail notifications now use server local time
  • Fixed: Web console error 500 when WMI is not accessible
  • Fixed: Windows login authentication failure when domain controller is unavailable


  • Added: Mobile app screenshoting protection
  • Added: Hard tokens - support for base32 secret
  • Changed: Update to End User License Agreement
  • Improved: Authentication when using RADIUS
  • Improved: Support for FIDO keys in Windows Logins
  • Improved: Security of custom delivery options
  • Improved: TLS compatibility and support
  • Improved: Strict character limitations for account name, email, display name were increased
  • Improved: Dozens of other performance, usability and security improvements
  • Fixed: Multi actions in ESA web console sometimes change also not selected items
  • Fixed: Various updates and fixes to Identity connector
  • Fixed: Occasional connectivity loss to Elastic search engine (reports)
  • Fixed: Domain controller issues after restart
  • Fixed: Users deduplication
  • Fixed: Problem with invalid phone number when using custom delivery option
  • Fixed: SMTP connection fails if server does not support any authentication
  • Fixed: Password change in Windows logins
  • Fixed: "Show password" icon missing in Windows Logins
  • Fixed: Issues with encrypted hard tokens importing


  • Added: Major performance improvements (Authentication requests)
  • Added: Support for external databases (MSSQL, PostgreSQL) in standalone mode
  • Added: Ability to have multiple ESA servers in standalone mode (HA)
  • Added: New integration options with new ESA Identity Connector component
  • Added: Support for native biometric in mobile operating systems (e.g. Touch ID) in addition to PIN code in mobile apps (iOS, Android)
  • Added: Notification center
  • Added: FIDO support in Windows Logins
  • Added: Additional approval when logging in from new location
  • Added: Ability to export database data
  • Added: Invitation capabilities now support external IP address
  • Added: Customizable attributes for user (email and display name)
  • Added: Custom VPN attributes
  • Added: New filtering options and improvements
  • Added: Sorting in tables
  • Added: Rows counts
  • Added: New script when working with RADIUS clients
  • Added: Remote Desktop Gateway RADIUS integration manual
  • Added: Support for Elasticsearch v 7.x
  • Added: Support for iOS 13
  • Added: Support for Android 10
  • Added: Support for Windows 10 (November 2019 Update)
  • Added: New API methods added in documentation
  • Added: Ability to COPY/PASTE OTP in mobile apps
  • Improved: Major mobile apps (iOS, Android) UI refresh
  • Improved: Invitations capabilities now support external IP address
  • Improved: Documentation focused on making ESA server accessible from public internet
  • Improved: Dependence on mobile number deprecated
  • Improved: OTP via email
  • Improved: More usable Master Recovery Key
  • Improved: "Allow non 2FA" setting added to dashboard
  • Improved: Completely reworked UI including new wizard
  • Improved: Dashboard user status icons can be now used to drill down to filter specific problems
  • Improved: Dozens of other performance, usability and security improvements
  • Improved: AD FS - add support for server farm with common database
  • Improved: Windows 10, build 1709 and later does not require 2FA by user first logon when automatic login enabled and 2FA for unlock not set
  • Fixed: Windows Login credential provider activates itself on the RDP client when not needed
  • Fixed: User duplication due to multiple Domain controllers or multiple ESA servers in some cases
  • Fixed: Under some circumstances user is logged out of the console in 2 minutes
  • Fixed: Under some circumstances offline login in Windows logon breaks after auto-sychronization
  • Fixed: The "Settings" window of ESA app is not opened after opening an incorrect provisioning link in "SMS" when app's PIN is created
  • Fixed: Remote Web Access on Windows Small Business Server 2011 does not work
  • Fixed: Android - The "New Login Request" dialog doesn't appear if open the ESA app before PUSH approving from notification
  • Fixed: Some connections still do not respect proxy settings
  • Fixed: RDP - ESA registers any user name if password not provided
  • Fixed: Uninstall does not work if permissions for ESA.config are missing
  • Fixed: Android - ESA application doesn't launch on Meizu M3s (5.1)
  • Fixed: Phone number message - accept spaces
  • Fixed: Windows Login - Internal Server error when too many OTPs sent to offline cache
  • Fixed: Android app icon is not shown in list of installed apps and in app details
  • Fixed: Active directory locked state not correctly retrieved from Active Directory
  • Fixed: Multiple other smaller feature and security improvements


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