Small and Medium Business Guide to buying Antivirus Software

Malware and antivirus software

Which antivirus software is best?

In recent years, malware attacks on business and consumers have grown in terms of their number, variety and sophistication. Fortunately, antivirus software is also advancing, with powerful new virus detection capabilities, improved user interfaces and more effective and efficient administration capabilities.

Cybercrime is booming, and every business that uses the Web or email is at risk. Whether your system has one workstation or 2,000, you owe it to your business, your customers and your employees to get the best antivirus protection available. Exactly what that means for your business depends on many factors. Here are several to keep in mind.

Proactive protection
Antivirus software must provide the highest level of protection against the widest range of potential threats. Advanced heuristic technology now makes it possible to detect previously unknown viruses as well as new variants of "In-the-Wild" viruses that are active and spreading.

Several independent agencies can provide you with comparative information about the effectiveness of different antivirus software. These agencies include AV-Comparatives ( and the VB100 Award (

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Non-intrusive operation
Antivirus software should protect your business information without interfering with your business operations. Make sure the software doesn't slow down your system, prevent the use of other applications, require frequent user interaction or generate false alarms and frequent help-desk calls.

Streamlined administration
Choose an antivirus software product that you can install, deploy, manage and update the software quickly—on your servers and workstations—with minimum hassle to you or your employees.

Compliance support
When considering antivirus software, make certain that it enables you to comply with government and industry guidelines and standards, including HIPAA, SOX, GLB, FISMA and PCI DSS.

Customer support
The more support the better. Not that you will need it, but it's nice to know it's there.

Look for the antivirus software that gives you the most bang for your buck. Just don't compromise on protection.

Free trial offer
Seeing is believing. A free 30-day trial is the best way to see if a particular antivirus software delivers the level of security that your business needs.


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