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The combination of NOD32's malware detection accuracy, high performance, and low system usage has earned the product numerous international prestigious awards and certifications.

Award Year:1993 | 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007| 2008| 2009

In December 2009, Virus Bulletin published the latest operating system based on Microsoft's Windows 7 platform, anti-virus program test results. ESET NOD32 participated in the test, which is 59 times ESET NOD32 was VB100% certification, continuation of the security industry leader role.

In October 2009, Virus Bulletin published the Windows Server 2008-based platform for anti-virus program test results. ESET NOD32 participated in the test, which is ESET NOD32 58th was VB100% certification, the industry is still carried on the lead role.

In August 2009, Virus Bulletin published the Windows vista SP2 Enterprise Edition-based platform for anti-virus program test results. ESET NOD32 participated in the test, which is ESET NOD32 57th was VB100% certification, the industry is still carried on the lead role.

In June 2009, Virus Bulletin published on Windows Server 2003 x64 Enterprise Edition platform for anti-virus program test results. ESET NOD32 participated in the test, which is ESET NOD32 56th was VB100% certification.

April 2009 ESET NOD32 series of anti-virus products by the international authority of the anti-virus product testing body Virus Bulletin's latest round of VB100 certification tests, the smooth clearance of re-gained its first 55 VB100 awards. So far, ESET NOD32 series of anti-virus products is still the industry's only access to more than 50 VB100 awards security products, extending its presence in the VB100 certification of the leading position.

February 1, 2009, ESET NOD32 successfully passed the Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based platform for test, which is ESET NOD32 54th through the VB100 test.


December 1, 2008, ESET NOD32 passed the 53rd VB100 test, the test is based on the Windows Vista64-bit platform.ESET NOD32 adopted in 2008 all of the 6th VB100 certification.
ESET has captured a record 52nd VB100 award from Virus Bulletin, a widely-respected independent comparative testing group.
Detection rates were near perfect, and false positives absent, thus another VB100 award is added to ESET's record tally.
Scanning speeds were not as eye-watering as usual, but they seemed much quicker on the infected sets, suggesting that the clean items were being subjected to some thorough probing. With excellent detection and no false positive issues, ESET storms its way to a record 50th VB100 award.
The recent overhaul of ESET’s product, both cosmetically and at a deeper level, has added considerably to NOD32’s charms. Detection was as flawless as usual, with nothing missed across any of the sets, and ESET continues its lengthy run of success with another VB100 award.
經過PC Labs中國實驗室測試後,根據相應類別的評分標準給出評價,與同類產品全面對比,NOD32綜合表現優秀,被選為“PC Magazine編輯選擇產品”。
As NOD32 version 3 appeared on the VB100 test bench for the first time, the stylishness and clever layout continued to impress, allowing the tests to be run through with great simplicity and making the testing experience a joy.

AV-Comparatives選定2007年度最佳防病毒軟體的條件是,需要具備高檢測率,包括多複雜多態性病毒的檢測率、高行為判斷檢測率、低誤報(最好零誤報)、掃描速度快、資源佔用少、不引起系統崩潰或死機、沒有惱人的bug等優勢。2007年中,以下產品均獲得三次以上的ADVANCED+獎項:卡巴斯基和ESET NOD32。以下產品在2007年度各項分類測試中綜合成績最佳:ESET NOD32 (11)、卡巴斯基 (10)、GDATA AVK (10)、賽門鐵克 (9)、F-Secure (9)。其中GDATA AVK和F-Secure是多引擎產品,多引擎產品的劣勢是掃描速度較慢,對系統資源的消耗相對較高,誤報的可能性也相對更多一些。綜合各款防毒產品的性能和表現,2007年度綜合評比獲勝者再次由ESET NOD32獲得。
ESET has achieved 47 Virus Bulletin VB100 Awards, more than any other vendor. In Virus Bulletin's comparative tests, ESET's product has not missed an 'In the Wild' virus sample since May 1998.
ESET NOD32防病毒軟件在07年10月的Netware 6.5平台測試中,沒有遺漏任何「In the wild」病毒,並且沒有產生誤報。因此Virus Bulletin再次授予ESET NOD32防病毒軟件VB100認證。
Virus Bulletin, October 2007
ESET NOD32防病毒軟件憑借優異的性能和完善的保護獲得了《計算機應用文摘》的高度評價:ESET NOD32資源佔用低,並不是以減少功能為代價。相反它通過文件監控、OFFICE文檔監控、郵件監控和網絡監控為電腦安全建起了銅牆鐵壁,讓病毒、木馬無門而入。因此,《計算機應用文摘》授予了ESET NOD32防病毒軟件「編輯推薦獎」。
ESET's upcoming overhaul of its product has yet to reach the VB test bench, so once again the tests were run with the familiar interface which has graced every Windows test of my reign here.
Virus Bulletin, August 2007
The thorough detection which has become the norm for NOD32 once again covered the entire extent of the VB collection.
Virus Bulletin, June 2007
國內著名IT媒體《電腦商情報□家用電腦》於2007年5月,對6款知名殺毒軟件進行了綜合評測。ESET NOD32憑借其在查殺能力、資源佔用,掃瞄速度、易用性、售後服務各個環節的優秀表現擊敗其它產品,最終獲得「編輯推薦獎」。《家用電腦》表示「ESET NOD32防病毒軟件雖然進入國內市場僅僅一年多,但憑借其出色表現已成為不可忽視的一員」。
NOD32 was another product using Dazuko for its file hooking, and like the others in this class the on-access component was simple to set up, fast and efficient.
Virus Bulletin, April 2007
The long-awaited Microsoft Vista is the first marjor new release of Windows since XP over five years ago (not counting Windows Server 2003, which was little more than a blending of Windows 2000 Server with some new XP ideas.
Virus Bulletin, February 2007
這個獎項是依據讀者投票情況授予的。在大量反病毒產品中,ESET NOD32最受歡迎,獲得了來自讀者和IT用戶最多的投票支持,打敗了其他競爭產品,如Symantec、TrendMicro和McAfee。
榮獲2005與2006 Linux & OSS最佳解決方案編輯推薦大獎(連續兩個年度獲獎)。
2007 SC雜誌讀者票選獎(2007 SC Magazine Readers Choice Awards)今年共有超過500項提名。ESET成功進入了最佳防惡意軟件解決方案類的決賽。最終優勝者將於2007年2月6號在舊金山希爾頓酒店宣佈。

64-bit computing is once again the way of the futher.
Virus Bulletin, December 2006
在AV-Comparatives的獨立測試中,ESET NOD32總是能夠在所有測試品牌中取得最佳成績。“ESET NOD32是所有獲得Advanced+獎項的佼佼者,在最近的五次測試中都取得了最高的榮譽。這意味著在近12個月測試的所有產品中,ESET NOD32擁有最佳的主動偵測惡意軟件的能力。”
CheckVir項目的主要目的是獨立於廠商進行反病毒產品和解決方案的測試,幫助用戶與反病毒企業。在2006年10月CheckVir實驗室對各種反 病毒產品進行的啟發能力主動測試中,ESET NOD32榮獲了CheckVir傑出獎(CheckVir Advanced award)
2006年10月,ESET NOD32榮獲CheckVir郵件掃瞄獎(CheckVir Mailscanner award)。測試中僅採用最大病毒庫(Wild list)中公佈的易感染病毒樣本。要通過這項測試,反病毒產品必須成功阻止接收和發出的被感染電子郵件。
從《Middle East》雜誌創辦以來,ESET NOD32在最近的《Windows Middle East Magazine》雜誌反病毒版塊測試中第三次榮獲了最佳表現獎(Best Performance Award)。
ESET NOD32被《SoftPedia》評為五星,並授予SoftPedia Pick Award獎,此獎項僅頒發給那些《SoftPedia》的編輯們認為優秀且超出同類平均水平的產品。評獎基於編輯的經驗與判斷,並且只授予那些多數評論家同意值得授予的產品。
NOD32 also impressed me, with a very simple and rapid installation process and a simple, clear GUI.
Virus Bulletin, October 2006
In the August 2006 Virus Bulletin, NOD32 is undoubtedly one of the only four antivirus software which successfully detect and get rid of all the viruses.
Virus Bulletin, August 2006
NOD32 was the first product in this monthˇs test with which I could find no real fault. Full detection across all test sets and a lack of false positives leave me little to comment on and earn Eset a well-deserved VB 100% to add to its collection.
Virus Bulletin, June 2006
Returning to Dazuko products, the Eset submission not only performed admirably in detection, but also offered well documented installation procedures. There was thus ample reason to award NOD32 a further VB 100% for its collection.
Virus Bulletin, April 2006
NOD32獲英國西岸數據安全軟件測試中心(West Coast Labs) 反間諜認證(Anti-Spyware Destop Check Mark),證明的NOD32 防毒軟件能以快捷、先進和實時的測毒功能對付各種間諜軟件和網絡釣魚式攻擊(Phishing attacks)。
April 2006
NOD32 在Linux & OSS 最佳解?方案2006??大?中,成?最佳Linux防毒?件。因?NOD32 Antivirus for Linux 的技??新,在今年二月推出的升?版?,不但性能及?定度优化了,?跟ESET的ThreatSense.Net在?警?系??系。
在 2006 今年 2 月, NOD32 又再一次證明其皇者的地位。 在 Virus Bulletin 的 37 次測試中, NOD32 均沒有失過手,在病毒偵察速度上更力壓知名對手,證明 NOD32 能有效防範流行病毒及不會發出錯誤警報。
Virus Bulletin, February 2006

NOD32 has ZIP archive scanning turned off by default, although W32/Heidi.A is detected by the engine as a special case, accounting for full detection of this virus in the standard test set. In any case detection was at its usual high levels for this product, and NOD32 obtains a VB 100% award for its collection as a result.
Virus Bulletin, December 2005
NOD32 is very light on hard disk space and, amazingly, uses little memory. We were also very pleased with the short time it took to scan the entire hard disk. Fast, secure, and easy on the computer's memory and hard disk, it is hard to fault the NOD32.
Idran Junadi , PCMagazine Singapore, October 2005
NOD32 has a strong histroy of detecting all infected files, with only a few minor deviations over the years. Yet again, no infected samples ware missed across this month's test sets. A VB100% award of Eset is the predictable result.
Virus Bulletin, October 2005
《PC Utilities》編輯推薦獎。ESET NOD32被《PC Utilities》評選為編輯推薦的反病毒系統。
在2005年9月《SWPower》進行的測試中,ESET NOD32獲得了最高可能取得的六星等級評價。《SWPower》編輯們打分評選最佳反病毒軟件是基於軟件的更新、價格、效率和可用的本土化版本等進行 的。詳情請瀏覽(斯洛文尼亞語): NOD32_revija_SWPower.pdf
ESET, a global security software company providing next-generation malware protection, today announced that their flagship product, NOD32, received its 33rd consecutive Virus Bulletin 100% award for flawless virus protection.
SAN DIEGO, August 2005
NOD32 has been awarded its 32nd VirusBulletin 100% Award, continuing its remarkable record of not missing a single in-the-wild virus in any VB test. "
Virus Bulletin, June 2005
"The results of scanning were eminently predictable: all files were detected, with a VB 100% award the equally predictable result."
Virus Bulletin, April 2005
With its usual admmirable performance, NOD32 once again leaves little room for comment and achieves its leaves VB 100% award with predictable ease.
Virus Bulletin, February 2005
NOD32 防毒軟件更得到PC3 高登計算機中心至尊Ⅲ牌選舉2005網絡保安類別的第一名。由此可見,NOD32是市面上最優質的防毒軟件,並深受各用家歡迎,而屢獲殊榮。
ESET被《中東電腦雜誌》(PC Magazine Middle East)授予2005年度反病毒軟件廠商稱號。

NOD32 continues its world record of not missing a single ‥In the Wild〃 (ItW) worm or virus while having no false positives. This record was achieved in the comprehensive testing conducted by the industry's leading authority, the Virus Bulletin.
Virus Bulletin, November 2005
NOD32 expands its record of being the only antivirus system in the world that has not missed a single "In The Wild" virus, in the comprehensive testing conducted by the industry's leading authority, the Virus Bulletin.
Virus Bulletin, August 2004
Yet again - NOD32 earns another award from the Virus Bulletin: "NOD32 maintains its reputation for speed in the OLE test set. Upon compressed executables, however, NOD32 is comfortably the fastest product on test."
Virus Bulletin, June 2004
This test has, as many tests before have, once again proven what Virus Bulletin said about NOD32 several years ago: "It is almost a truism in the antivirus world that you must choose between fast scanning speed and good virus detection. NOD32 bucks that idea by effectively coupling the two. "
Virus Bulletin, April 2004
With yet another "clean sweep" of every virus in every category, NOD32 retains its championship title as the only antivirus program in the world that has never missed an in the Wild virus in a Virus Bulletin test!
Virus Bulletin, February 2004

NOD32 produced an unsurprising 100 per cent detection rate and thus earns a VB 100% award.There was one fly in the ointment which affected many of the products in this review - this is by no mean specific to NOD32, and neither was NOD32 one of the worst offender.
Virus Bulletin, November 2003
n its November 2003 Antivirus Test Comparison, PC Chip Croatia rated NOD32 as the #1 performer in both speed and detection... ahead of antivirus industry heavy weights Norton, McAfee, TrendMicro etc.
PC Chip, November 2003
"NOD32 extends its stunning series of VB100% awards to an unprecedented 24th VB100% award. Viewing the fact that it did not miss a single virus in any of the tests, it distances itself even further from the other competitive antivirus products, which entered the test."
Virus Bulletin, October 2003
The second consecutive award in Deloitte and Touche's prestigious program is a clear evidence of the top quality of Eset's technology NOD32 Antivirus - and a very dedicated work of its distribution team worldwide, "commented Rudolf Hruby, Eset's Chief Financial Officer.
The CRN Test Center used the recently released 4th gene-ration of NOD32 Anti-virus. "The tool is a well-balanced program offering high speed, low-resource impact and excellent detection", commented the Editor overall performance of the program.
"The Checkmark certification of NOD32 for Windows 2003 to AV [Anti-Virus] Levels 1,2 and Trojan, is the hallmark of a company whose philosophy is to be a cutting-edge AV developer."
"NOD32, again, demonstrates a 100% detection in all 4 categories (ItW, Macro, Polymorphic, Standard) in the test."
Virus Bulletin, August 2003
"NOD32's performance was also all but identical to its past performance: fast scanning, no false positives and full ItW detection combining to earn NOD32 yet another VB 100% award."
Virus Bulletin, June 2003
"With one of the most consistent VB100 track records, NOD32 uses sophisticated heuristics finely tuned scanning settings to blend excellent detection with unsurpassed performance."" ""NOD32 blew away the others on our performance test, with only 2.4 percent decrease in speed."
"Yet again, NOD32 provided what is becoming a rather dull score of no misses in any of the test sets upon which it was applied, thus being eligible for another VB 100% award to add to its growing collection."" "
Virus Bulletin, February 2003

"Eset selected in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu's 2002 European Technology Fast 500 list! "
"NOD32 was chosen the fastest antivirus program by the Swedish computer magazine. MikroDatorn, September/October 2002 "
The Best Antivirus(of 2002)" Award by PC Chip Croatia
PC Chip, December 2002
NOD32 remained speedy... Misses were, in fact, absent in any test set. "
Virus Bulletin, November 2002
Technology Fast 50 Winner" Award granted by Deloitte & Touche
Deloitte & Touche, October 2002
NOD32 was chosen the fastest antivirus program by the Swedish computer magazine.
MikroDatorn, September/October 2002 granted NOD32 the Wintotal Award. NOD32 received the highest possible rating of six points. WinTotal, August 2002
"NOD32 retained its impressive performance history, detecting all files in all test sets. This, combined with no false positive detections, gains NOD32 yet another VB 100% Award."
Virus Bulletin, August 2002
"Once more comes the arduous task of noting details of NOD32, before declaring it to have gained yet another VB 100% award. Speen and detection rate were maintained once more for Eset's product leading to a predictable, but no doubt welcome, result.."
Virus Bulletin, June 2002
ISO 9001:2000 Certificate granted in the area of Software Design, Development & Project Management.
SKQS, April 2002
Complete detection of all virus samples of NOD32 sytem was combined with impressive scanning detection rate and surprisingly low system footprint."
Larry Bridwell, ICSA Labs, April 2002
"No false positives in addition to this performance results in another VB 100% Award. .. NOD32 has never yet missed a file in the Wild in VB Tests. "
Virus Bulletin, February 2002

NOD32 selected as the "BEST ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM OF 2001",
PC User, December 2001
Their (ESET's) record claim remains unbroken" (NOD32 never missed In the Wild virus during Virus Bulletin testing.)"
Virus Bulletin, November 2001
(NOD32) "is by the far the fastest of the scanning engines in this review. The fastest of the other products was more than twice as slow as NOD32 over clean set of executables, while the slowest was over 40 times as tardy"
Virus Bulletin, September 2001
Shortly after receiving its 14th Virus Bulletin 100% Award in the April 2001 comaratives with 100% detection across all the test sets, NOD32 Antivirus System is picked as the "BEST BUY" product by the largest Australian personal computer magazine, the PC User. "Easy to install and use, Eset NOD32 comes with fairly strong default protection, yet has the shortest scan time." says Jan Wikstroin, editor of the PC User magazine.
PC User, April 2001
NOD32 has gone from strength to strength. All files in all sets were detected.. With speed tests as well as detection results being favorable, there is little to add but congratulations. "
Virus Bulletin, April 2001
NOD32 was the only product (17 products were tested), that detected 100% of all infected samples across all the test sets in both On-Demand and On-Access tests and did it without a single false positive alarm. NOD32 also recorded the fastest hard disk scanning rate. Best Detection-Best Speed-Best Performance.
Virus Bulletin, February 2001
NOD32 detects 100% of all infected samples in the tests and achieves the highest detection-scanning rate. For details, read Mary Landesman's report at: January 2001

UK Consumers' Association WHICH? picked NOD32 as the BEST BUY, BEST VALUE, BEST PERFORMANCE."
"Of all the test-sets scanned, NOD32 missed only one sample in the Standard set, a feat difficult to improve upon and unique to this review. Coupled with good scanning speed and no false positives, this is a gratifying result. "
Virus Bulletin, September 2000
"NOD32 does, to its credit, remain one of the more interestingly styled products on offer, as well as one of the least amenable for witty comments at its expense. It has an excellent rate of scanning combined with accuracy, an enviable position to be in."
Virus Bulletin, July 2000
"NOD32 maintains its record of receiving the VB 100% in each test to which the product has been submitted."
Virus Bulletin, April 2000
"NOD delivers the greatest throughputs during scanning. "
Virus Bulletin, February 2000

NOD32 exhibited extremely impressive scanning speed, blitzing some of the other products with its scan rates well in excess of 2500kB/sec."
Virus Bulletin, November 1999
An anti-virus product in the strictest sense of the term. ..NOD does what it claims, extremely well. "
Virus Bulletin, September 1999
Aside from detecting all the In the Wild file and boot sector viruses, NOD32 had the highest overall detection rates. "
Virus Bulletin, May 1999
"NOD has continued to impress ...detected more samples across all the test-sets than any other. " (product)
Virus Bulletin, March 1999
It is almost a truism in the anti-virus field that you have speed of good detection. However, NOD32 is one of the products that bucks that idea, effectively coupling the two. "
Virus Bulletin, January 1999

"Detection remains at an impressive level. "
Virus Bulletin, November 1998
"The review process was a pleasant overall; the interface being simple to control and effective. .. Detection, too, was definitely more respectable than many new implementation have managed. "
Virus Bulletin, September 1998
Detection has been boosted to VB 100% levels in the In the Wild test-set and were tantalizingly close to a clean sweep."
Virus Bulletin, May 1998

在2003年11月的反病毒比較測試中,ESET NOD32在速度與偵測效果上都被克羅地亞《PC Chip》雜誌評為第一,領先於許多反病毒產業的重量級產品,如Norton、McAfee、TrendMicro、Kaspersky、AVG、 eTrust、H+BEDV、Panda和Sophos。 “因為許多知名產品的存在,ESET NOD32在一開始被粗魯地忽視了——著名的網站Cnet竟然將ESET NOD32埋葬在一堆質量可疑的三流軟件中——但是,他們不可能偏離事實太遠,因為ESET NOD32榮獲了如此之多的反病毒產業中最受尊敬的獨立實驗室和團體授予的獎項與認證。” 《PC Chip》的編輯在他的評論中寫道。
ESET NOD32防病毒系統榮獲了2003年InfoWorld 傳媒集團(InfoWorld Media Group)授予的InfoWorld讀者推薦獎。InfoWorld 傳媒集團致力於獲獎科技與產品資料的發佈,對於IT界的研究與分析有著超過25年的經驗。1000多名讀者參與了此次年度讀者推薦獎的投票。ESET NOD32獲得了InfoWorld測試中心最高等級的評價——Excellent,標誌著編輯與分析認為該產品具有頂級的質量與市場空間。
“ESET NOD32提供了卓越的功能,同時操作管理簡單,不會給電腦與人力資源造成大的負擔” (InfoWorld,2003年7月)
InfoWorld是美國國際數據集團(IDG)的一個部門。IDG是世界上最大的科技、媒體、研究與活動策劃公司。IDG出版了超過300種雜誌和報 紙,並通過IDG.net給世界範圍的網絡用戶提供了最大的專業科技站點網絡,它由超過330個位於80個國家的成員網站組成。
德國最受歡迎的Windows軟件應用程序門戶網站Wintotal.de授予ESET NOD32Wintotal獎(Wintotal Award)。在2002年8月wintotal.de員工進行的測試中,ESET NOD32獲得了最高可能取得的六點等級評價。評價過程考慮的因素包括掃瞄引擎的效率和速度、反病毒系統需要的系統資源、系統更新的頻率以及用戶圖形界面 的友好性。


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