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Version 6.5.16009.X

  • Changed: Updated legal terms and sensitive information handling due to EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Fixed: Error displays at the end of installation/repair/modify/uninstallation process
  • Fixed: Notification windows do not display after enabling offline help from Advanced Setup
  • Fixed: File quarantining fails when rule to quarantine file is created
  • Fixed: “Export to Windows Application and Services Logs” setting does not work
  • Fixed: Event log does not display optional parameters of “Log to events” action
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 6.5.16005.0

  • Advanced Memory Scanner
  • Exploit Blocker
  • Optimization for virtualized environments
  • Native support for right-to-left languages
  • HIPS
  • ESET Live Grid
  • Device Control
  • Component Based Installation
  • Virus database / Program Modules Rollback
  • Minor improvements in attachment handling rules

Version 4.5.16007.0

  • Added: Support for display "displayname" in pop-up windows and detected threats log. The string email message is used if the displayname is avfile.tmp
  • Added: Automatic exclusions includes paths to Windows registers and also Kerio Connect configuration file
  • Added: Path for scanning also includes path to device drive (for example, C:)


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