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ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server



Other Versions



Version 7.1.10008.0

  • Added: Ability to send logs in Common Event Format (CEF) via syslog to SIEM
  • Added: Various extensions of eShell
  • Added: Ability to import/export in “Ignored IP list”
  • Added: Administrator can set language of quarantine web interface and quarantine reports
  • Improved: Anti-Phishing optimization
  • Improved: Extended errors in Windows eventlog
  • Improved: Unable to install product on unsupported OS, for example, Win Server 2003
  • Improved: Rule name available in Quarantine Message envelope
  • Improved: Extended options for adding domains and subdomains to the SMTP protection log whitelist
  • Improved: Added tooltip for NDR condition
  • Fixed: Various Eshell fixes
  • Fixed: Various minor bugs in GUI
  • Fixed: Cleaned objects counter includes number of rule hits
  • Fixed: Missing IND language in .msi package
  • Fixed: EdgeTransport.exe crashes after receiving an email with multiple infiltrations
  • Fixed: Mailboxes are not correctly loaded in on-demand scan
  • Fixed: Ability to Release objects in Web interface on Mailbox role EX2007/EX2010
  • Fixed: Missing information about the activated rule in Mail server Protection log
  • Fixed: Inconsistency between paused protections statuses on Monitoring pane

Version 7.0.10026.0

  • Improved: Anti-phishing optimization
  • Fixed: 7.0.10020.0 EDTD - some specific emails are corrupted
  • Fixed: Transport agent leaks temp files in specific scenario
  • Fixed: Various small bugs in documentation

Version 7.0.10025.0

  • Added: Rules: New conditions related to SPF
  • Added: Rules: Added import/export option in string lists
  • Improved: Improved target selection in on-demand scan
  • Changed: Search in Mail quarantine is case-insensitive
  • Improved: Anti-Phishing optimization
  • Fixed: Rule "Attachment size" doesn`t work in Mail transport protection (TNEF)
  • Fixed: Received IP usage
  • Fixed: Mail server protection log details do not show complete text
  • Fixed: GUI crash due to the incorrectly updated record indices
  • Fixed: Unable to release email from email quarantine-report

Version 7.0.10024.0

  • Changed: "Automatically reject messages if SPF check fails" option rejects an email only if the email hard-fails
  • Fixed: Anti-Phishing crashes on emails with more than three nested Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIMEs)
  • Fixed: IP address detection only displays the end-user’s address
  • Fixed: Quarantined mail reports are saved incorrectly

Version 7.0.10019.0

  • Changed: End of support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Added: True 64-bit product core
  • Added: Anti-phishing mail protection
  • Added: Backscatter protection
  • Added: SMTP protection log
  • Added: New message processing rules
  • Added: Office 365 mailbox scan
  • Added: Mail quarantine administrator reports via email
  • Added: Centralized management of local mail quarantines in cluster
  • Added: ESET Dynamic Threat Defense support
  • Added: ESET Enterprise Inspector support
  • Added: Licensing upgrades to allow subscriptions
  • Added: ESET Remote Monitoring & Management support
  • Added: Date/Time-based scheduling for Device control
  • Added: System-wide object exclusions based on hash checksum
  • Added: Optional fast track for updates with smaller modules/definitions (picoUpdates)
  • Improved: Mail server protection log with filtering
  • Improved: Message processing rules
  • Improved: Local quarantine management
  • Improved: Clustering Support


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