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ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Kaseya

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Kaseya





  • Fixed: Various minor bugs


  • Changed: This plug-in is now designed to work with ERA 5.3 and ERA 6.5. Version 6.2-6.4 will no longer be supported in this new version.
  • Improved: Deployment packages created in this version and later are “private” and now have the ability to be shared to specific users and roles. Note: "Legacy" deployment packages retain their previous visibility and permissions.
  • Improved: ESET Deployment on Windows machines now retrieves the log files created during deployment. These can be found in the normal "Get File" location.
  • Improved: Exposed a button in the plug-in options to allow the administrator to repair their deployment scripts without having to Reapply Schema or manually run SQL.
  • Improved: When creating a new deployment package, you may now specify an agent port other than 2222.


  • Fixed: Deployment issue with Mac OS X that was causing the config file to not be parsed correctly
  • Added: Plug-in now fully supports ERA 6.3 and 6.4
  • Added: Policy view reflects improvements made to policy view in ERA 6.4
  • Added: Plug-in now supports uninstall of password protected agent
  • Added: Plug-in now supports language selection while creating deployment packages
  • Added: Policy assignment to Kaseya Group

Version (as compared to, released on April 28, 2016)

  • Fixed: Duplicate row issue in "Client" view as a result of Kaseya´s WSC reported AV handling

Version Changelog

  • Added: ESET Kaseya Plug-in now supports ESET Remote Administrator 5.3 and 6.3 (Plug-in version no longer compatible with previous versions of ESET Remote Administrator)
  • Added: ESET Kaseya Plug-in now supports Kaseya cloud (multi-tenancy)
  • Added: Added Windows Security Center (WSC) reported AV column to “Clients” view
  • Added: Ability to create activation task using the “Clients” view
  • Added: Added ability to remove plug-in assigned policies from “Clients” view
  • Added: Changed the “Tasks” view of plug-in to “Task Execution Log” to reflect change in ESET Remote Administrator 6.3
  • Added: Added support for “Custom Deployment” to allow MSPs using EMU to deploy the ESET client without needing EAV username and password
  • Added: Added support for MAC OS X deployment
  • Improved: Notifications UI updated for improved user experience
  • Improved: Policy Assignment UI updated and can now be filtered using the standard “Kaseya style” filter. If you previously assigned policies or notifications to Kaseya groups instead of to specific machines, you should use the new assignment interface to recreate their assignments. The plug-in no longer assigns these items to groups due to the multi-tenancy changes introduced in this version.
  • Improved: When creating a deployment package, ESET Remote Administrator 6.x licenses are now sorted by License Owner and Product Name
  • Fixed: Issue with erroneous activation tasks created after ESET Remote Administrator version 6 deployment
  • Fixed: Issue with reapply schema errors on new (non-upgrade) installations
  • Fixed: ESET Remote Administrator version 5 deployments cannot be edited in ESET Kaseya Plug-in version
  • Fixed: ESET Kaseya Plug-in thinks that an ERA server update is still in progress when it is not
  • Fixed: Deploying to Windows Server 2012 installs ESET Endpoint Antivirus instead of ESET File Security for Windows Server
  • Fixed: ESET Remote Administrator version 6 deployment packages do not auto-select their agent certificate during edit
  • Fixed: Issue with notifications causing multiple “actions” to not fire when the notification has a cool down period specified


  • Added: Support for ESET Remote Administrator 5.3
  • Removed: Support for ESET Remote Administrator 5.2
  • Changed: “Last Connected” field now shows “Less than a minute ago” instead of an exact number of seconds when client last connected was less than a minute ago
  • Changed: Deployment description is now more accurate. Changed “Autoselect … EEA/EES for Workstations” to “Autoselect .. EEA/EES for Workstations / EFSW for Servers”
  • Fixed: An issue that could cause multiple instances of the same client to show up on Clients page
  • Fixed: A display bug with ESET Remote Administrator 6 deployment package certificates
  • Fixed: A bug that caused deployment to install the wrong endpoint software when deploying to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2

Version (as compared to, released on September 30, 2015)

  • Changed: Removed forced reboot after running ESET Install/Uninstall deployment scripts
  • Fixed: An issue that caused certain IIS configurations to not correctly serve javascript associated with plug-in pages
  • Fixed: An issue where use of specific Kaseya role permission settings caused UI buttons not to display
  • Fixed: An issue where a single client with multiple network adapters could be displayed as a duplicate
  • Fixed: An issue where Install/Uninstall would not run with specific SQL Server configurations
  • Fixed: An issue where Install pop-up windows were not closed after clicking 'install'


  • Added: The ability to install and uninstall ESET solutions directly from the plug-in
  • Added: The ability to assign policies to multiple machines or entire Kaseya machine groups
  • Added: The ability to create and modify ESET Remote Administrator 6 policies
  • Improved: Email and alert notifications can now be modified without the need to re-create the notification
  • Improved: Plug-in permissions are now far more granular
  • Fixed: Client matching now displays the internal IP address instead of the connecting IP address
  • Fixed: An issue that could cause the plug-in to be unresponsive when refreshing data
  • Fixed: An issue that would cause errors if no clients were contained in the ESET Remote Administrator Server


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